CDP(T) Pool Dehumidifiers - through-the-wall



  • Private pools
  • Therapy pools
  • Wellness centres

Features and Benefits

  • The CDP (T) pool dehumidifier is built into a hot-galvanized, powder painted sheet metal cabinet
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are protected against corrosion
  • The CDP (T) pool dehumidifier is fixed to the wall by means of a wallmounting strip supplied with the unit
  • The condensate outlet is located at the bottom of the CDP (T) dehumidifier. The outlet stub can be connected to a water hose.
  • Rotary compressor
  • Radial fan
  • Built-in hygrostat factory set to 60% RH
  • Electronic control and userfriendly display panel
  • Min operating temperature 10oC
  • Passive, demand-controlled defrosting
  • Optionally the CDP (T) pool dehumidifier can be fitted with a water heating coil (Accessory)


CDP (T) 35 CDP (T) 45 CDP (T) 65
Operating range - temperature (°C) 10-36
Operating range - humidity (% RH) 40-100
Air volume (m3/h) 250 500 750
Dehumidification capacity at 28oC/60% RH (l/24h) 29 42 66
Dehumidification capacity at 30oC/60% RH (l/24h) 31 43 72
Power supply 1 x 230 /50 V/Hz
Max. ampere consumption (A) 2,8 4,3 7,6
Max. power consumption (kW) 0,72 1,05 1,75
Refrigerant/quantity (kg) R407C/0,6 R407C/0,95 R407C/1,6
Sound level @ 1 metre (dB(A)) 44 46 48
Weight (kg) 57 68 95
Water container capacity none none none
Protection class IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
HxWxD (mm) 680x890x290 680x1192x290 680x1735x290



Room hygrostat

Water heating coil

External failure monitoring kit

Through wall duct with filter and alu grill




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