PT. Central Filter Gunatama was founded in 2002 in Indonesia. We manufacture life sciences laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment. We are also a distributor for air filters, fans, dehumidifiers, heat exchangers, textile ducts, active chilled beams, fire dampers, zoning systems, air diffusers and air volume dampers. We have been supplying these products to hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage manufacturers, and offices in Indonesia.

To fulfill our customers’ needs in the Cleanroom and HVAC industries.

To provide outstanding products, service, and value, so we satisfy every customer.


Fresh Air Solution

Our business concept is to optimize our product quality and service to be in line with customers' needs. Compared with standard filters, PT. Central Filter Gunatama products can reduce the operating costs of filtration systems, by keeping their pressure drop low over a longer time. Our filters can catch more contaminants and operate at lower average resistance because of better designed filter media and larger filter media surface.


The company's business is to provide customers with sustainable best-in-class air filtration products and services within four main segments: Comfort Air, Clean Processes, Power Systems and Safety & Protection.
Our Commitment
We are an emerging company committed to making great changes for a cleaner and brighter future. We believe everyone deserves our commitment to improving indoor air quality for better health. Allergy sufferers need not suffer. To that end, it is our priority that environmentalism is an integral part of our brand. Sustainability is our framework to guarantee a bottom line of plant, people, pets and profits. What is best for the planet, is best for you. As a partner, we believe that the best way to measure our success is by the success of our customers. We are committed to developing long-term partnerships to better understand our customers’ businesses and respond to their needs.
  • We are able to provide the most comprehensive filtration technology solution.
  • We stock a wide range of filtration products.
  • We pride ourselves in the ability to fulfil our commitment to time and quality.
  • Customer satisfaction is always our priority.
  • Reasonable prices with outstanding service.