DC Thermosiphon Heat Exchanger

DC Thermosiphon

For Telecom cabinets
The Dantherm DC Thermosiphon provides cooling without air conditioning and is specifically designed with Telecom installations in mind.
Compact, high efficient heat exchange
Thermosiphons are next-generation heat exchangers, because they have a more compact way of generating heat exchange than traditional air-to-air heat exchangers. In other words, Thermosiphons generate more cooling in smaller spaces. 
Closed loop, energy efficient cooling
Passive cooling systems are among the most energy-efficient in the market, next to Free Cooling. The closed loop control system ensures a clean internal environment for sensitive electronic equipment, which means that no filter is needed. 
Easy to install
The Thermosiphon is easily installed without affecting uptime, which secures site earnings even during installation and service.  
Dantherm is among the first suppliers to enter the market with a fully industrialized version of this concept and already has experience from 50.000+ Thermosiphons running in the field.



  • Radio base stations
  • Telecom shelters
  • Electronics enclosures
  • Power supply rooms
  • Network & computer rooms
  • Drive stations
  • Automation control cabinets
  • Hybrid Telecom Sites
  • Telecom Cabinets

Features and Benefits

Construction and design:

  • Closed loop cooling
  • Corrosion-proof components

Operation modes:

  • Main cooling mode with dynamic, step-less fan speed control.
  • Power save, boost, emergency cooling, self-test.

Communication, alarms and surveillance:

  • IP-connection, LED-signals, TTL-link, SD card.
  • 2 galvanically insulated alarm outputs: High and low temperature, fans, temperature sensor function

Built-in safety:

  • Leakage, voltage and function test from factory.
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Inrush current limiter

Easy installation:

  • Installation cable provided.
  • No need for cooling technician.
  • No soldering or refrigerant filling on site.


Supply Voltage Nominal VDC 48
Capacity in W/K 150
Capacity in kW - at Δt = 10°C 1.5
Max internal air flow m³/h (free blowing measurement) 1,000
Weight in kg 35


Features - Dantherm DC Thermosiphon Line 150
Closed loop cooling bullet
Thermosiphon cooling method bullet
Cooling circuit without compressor bullet
No filter needed bullet
Two centrifugal DC EBM fans bullet

Construction and design

Thin, aluzinc sheet metal powder coated with RAL7035 bullet
Corrosion protected components bullet
Ingress protection level 55 (IP55) bullet
Operation Modes  150
Cooling bullet
Power Save bullet
Boost bullet
Emergency cooling  bullet
Controllers and Sensors 150
Dantherm CC1 control strategy bullet
Hotspot sensor (optional) bullet
Testing 150
Thorough factory testing bullet
Self-test function bullet
Installation and service 150
Mono-block, plug and play installation. bullet
Wall duct for inside installation bullet
Communication interface 150
Remote and on-site access to settings and read-out of running conditions and alarms bullet
SD Card bullet
TTL Link bullet
LED lights for status bullet
Environment 150
Energy-efficient fans bullet
Refrigerant R134a bullet