Kowa Fan Filter Unit


Compound Engineering Plastics
The researches of A 3D turbo fan made by own company which High-efficient/Low-noise/Low-vibration/Average air flow/Non-oxidized and Resistant against alkali acid with fine features.
Product Features
  1. 3D Airfoil turbo fan High-efficient & Low-noise
  2. A 3D turbo fan made by aluminum which pursued the most suitable design by computer analysis.
  3. Flexible change design
  4. The specifications of unit can be designed according to customer’s requirements besides our standard models, example for the modification of main filter type, cabinet materials…etc.
  5. Convenient design of installation 
  6. Pre-filter frame board above unit to make prefilter easy installation and maintenance.
  7. Easy carry/handle friendly design 
  8. The transportation and installation of unit is easy with carrying handle and the outlook of units is pretty.
  9. Multiple safe protect devices 
  10. The overload current protection circuit, abnormal pilot lamp,abnormal signal circuit (common fault output dry contactor:NC X 1 Set),motor temperature control switch protection circuit ...etc. for requirement.
  • As demands of cleanliness with process of semiconductor or LCD manufacturer,you are able to choose the fittest filter of particle diameter, dust collection efficiency, etc. 
  • If you need the filter without B(Boron), We recommend PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene)filter that is made of material of membrane. 
  • If you must avoid DOP(Di Octyl Phthalate) for testing filter, please inform us to test with silica without water or atmospheric air.



Item Specification Remarks
Module Size 600 * 1200 mm Module size can be designed according to customers requirements besides standard module.
900 * 1200 mm
750 * 1500 mm
1200 * 1200 mm
Air Flow Velocity 0.4/0.35/0.3m/s(Hi/Me/Lo)
Main Filter HEPA 0.3μm Over 99.99% HEPA:High Efficiency Particulate Air
ULPA 0.1μm Over 99.9995% ULPA:Ultra Penetration Air
0.1μm Over 99.99995%
0.1μm Over 99.999995%
PTFE 0.1μm Over 99.9995% PTFE:Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene
Main Body Standard Stainless Steel (SUS430)
Option Galvanized Sheet Iron
AL-ZN Alloy Sheet
Coating Sheet Iron
Power Supply Standard 3Φ 220V 60Hz, 1Φ 220V 50Hz,1Φ 220V 60Hz
Option 3Φ 380V 50Hz,3Φ 380V 60Hz,3Φ 208V 50Hz,3Φ 208V 60Hz
  • Pre-filter
  • Power plug and cable
  • Duct flange for suction air
As each FFU has over current relay unit, the capacity of switchboard can be applied up on request.


Outside Dimension

Standard Type

Module Size Model L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6
C FK-15CACSAN1 600 1200 574 1174 195 348
E FK-24EACSPN1 750 1500 724 1474 300 383
F FK-30FACSPN1 1200 1200 1174 1174 300 383

1 Phase Motor
Module size mm 600 * 1200 750 * 1500 1200 * 1200
Air quantity m3/min 15 23.6 30
Average Airflow velocity m/s 0.4 / 0.35 / 0.3
Total static pressure pa 180 pa (Me step)
Filter Effciency - over 99.99% at particle diameter over 0.3μm
Frame - Aluminum
Fan runner Quantity unit 1
Type - Airfoil turbo fan runner (Compound Engineering Plastics)
Power source - 1Φ 220V,60Hz 1Φ 220V,50Hz 1Φ 220V,60Hz 1Φ 220V,50Hz 1Φ 220V,60Hz 1Φ 220V,50Hz
Electric power consumption W 130 150 245 220 250 225
Weight kg 24 24 34 34 41 41
Noise(under 1.5m of filter) dB(A) 52 52 55 55 57 57

1.For aboved performance data is for Specification Types, without notices if any modifying.
2.The variable data is according to difference specification for aboved.


Wiring Diagram

Mark Name
MF Fan Motor
FE Fuse
AR Auxiliary Relay
CA Capacitor
PS Power Switch
49F Internal Thermostat for Fan Motor
TB Terminal Block
RS Velocity Rotor Switch
GL Running Pilot Lame (Green)
OL Abnormal Pilot Lamp (Orange)
CN, DS, CE Connector

Example for Standard Models (Terminak Base Connection)
Power Source: AC 1Φ, 220V, 60Hz

Caution: Please distribute for broken line at building side.



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